Monday, October 17, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Bird Painting "Bird Totem 1" by Colorado Artist Nancee Jean Busse

I was painting bird after bird for an upcoming show with a sandhill crane theme and needed a break! I staple-gunned a piece of canvas on to the back of bookcase in my studio and began painting freely. It makes sense that a bird emerged; after all, that's what I had been painting for months. But what also emerged was pure, delightful color. The blues of the sky, the yellows of sunshine, the reds of heart's blood, and violet-y purples of night sky. ALL birds have a totemic quality for me, but this one, part raven, part harpy, and part serpent is a good reminder to look up, be happy, and remember that the world is full of color and the sky full of life. 


 60"x27.5" Acrylic on Canvas/Available

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